The following commands are available in QLD Minecraft for players

Money (Gold, Silver, Copper)

Players begin with 50 copper coins and can obtain more coins by completing quests and selling items to vendors. Coins also allow players to purchase goods from vendors and participate in additional activities and quests.

Players can see how many coins they have by using the /money command.

Coins automatically upgrade to a single higher denomination once they reach 100 coins of a denomination. For example if you have 90 copper coins and receive an additional 20 copper coins, you will now have 1 silver coin and 10 copper coins.

Give Money to another player

A player can give money to another player by using the command /give <amount> <player>. The amount is the total coins as if it were copper. For example to give nomadjimbob

  • 90 copper coins, use the command /give 90 nomadjimbob

  • 20 silver coins, use the command /give 2000 nomadjimbob

  • 1 gold, 20 silver and 90 copper coins, use the command /give 12090 nomadjimbob

Note that both players must be online and within 6 blocks from each other in order to give money.


A banknote item

You can convert money into a banknote using the command /banknote <amount>. This allows you to trade money between players or place money into chests.

To convert a banknote back to money, hold the banknote in-hand and use the command /deposit.



Player stuck

If you find yourself stuck within the game, you can use the /stuck command to teleport back to the first spawn location at Ironport.

This command however does cost you half the amount of money you currently have and can take your entire inventory.

Language Localization

QLD Minecraft supports multiple languages within its code and as of build 270, contains a basic translation in French (fr), German (de) and Italian (it).

Players can view the language being used by QLD Minecraft for the player by using the /lang command. You can also change the language by using the command /lang (code).

For example, to change QLD Minecraft to German, use the command /lang de

If localization text is not available for a particular response, the server will default to English.

Localization codes (also known as ISO 639-1) can be found at

This command only changes the language used within the QLD Minecraft system and not the Minecraft game itself. It also does not perform a translation of player chat.

Additional modules added to the QLD Minecraft system may not contain the necessary localization information for each language.

Bug Reporting

If you believe you have found a bug on the server that shouldn't be there, you can report it using the /bug command.

When using the /bug command, please enter as much detail as you can about the problem. Your player information such as your location, inventory, quests, the last NPC you interacted with, etc will also be send along with your bug report.

An example of sending a bug report is:

/bug I completed a quest just now, however it did not give me the 3 oak wood rewards