Player Management

The following is currently coming in the next build (270)

Registering players in bulk

If you have collected player information into a spreadsheet, you can sent that through to Inclusive Communities ( for bulk registration instead of using the individual online registration form.

Note that we can only accept bulk registrations from library staff.

Player Bans and Warnings


Players can be banned from accessing the QLD Minecraft server for serious or repeated breach of the rules. The timeframe of a ban can be from 1 hour to indefinetly. Once a ban is applied to a player, they can no longer access the QLD Minecraft server under any circumstance.

Player bans can only be applied by State Library staff. To ban a player for a serious breach, please contact Inclusive Communities on


For less serious breaches, warnings can be applied to a player by support staff and developers. When a warning is applied to a player, the player will receive a notification about the warning. The following penalties apply when a player accumulates a number of active warnings:

Accumulated Warnings



In-game notification


Loss of 50 silver


Loss of all money and inventory (including wearables)


1 week suspension

Warnings remain active for 96 hours from when they are created. Each additional warning will be active for an additional 96 hours after the duration of any current active warnings.

Eg. if a player receives a warning at 10am on Monday, that warning will remain active until 10am Friday. If the same player receives a second warning on 10am on Tuesday, the second warning will remain active for 96 hours after the end of the first warning (10am Tuesday the next week)

If an account is currently serving a suspension, warning durations are paused and the player will be required to serve out the remaining warning active time after the suspenstion ends.

To apply a warning to a player, use the command:

/warn [player_name] [reason]

Tips when running an activity

When running an activity with a group of players, it is recommended do to a bit of housekeeping before the activity starts such as:

  • Place the players into a group - this simplifies management by allowing you to modify a group of players instead of individually

  • Add a player name as a group moderator - A group moderator player will receive additional information on screen such as when a player moves to a different region as well as allow players within the same group to login and have restrictions removed if they are currently have restrictions applied for previous warnings

  • Set a login location - players can access the server anytime, and when your activity starts, could be anywhere in the QLD Minecraft world, needing time to get to where your activity is being held. You can set a temporary player login location for the group, so the next time they login, they are automatically at your activities location. After the activity is finished, the original location the players were at is restored

  • Restrict players to a region - If you are hosting your activity at a certain location such as a town or arena, and you have players leaving the area, you can restrict the players from leaving a defined region of the world

  • Set a activity kit - you can set a completely seperate player inventory for your activity which is used by the player for the activities duration. Once the activity is finished, there original inventory is restored

  • Use the report and warning command - Support staff can use the /report and /warn command to report and give warnings to players. Once used, players will see that they have been given a warning. If they receive too many warnings within a period, they may receive in-game restrictions or cooldowns.

Player reports - Players do not see if a report has been lodged against them. Support staff and view a report list for a specific player or group of players by using the /reportinfo command