Here are some of the common Queensland Minecraft questions?

What is QLD Minecraft?

QLD Minecraft is a loose term for what is known as the Minecraft server run by State Library of Queensland.

The core of QLD Minecraft is made up of:

  • A Minecraft Server

  • Denizen Scripting Plugin

  • Apache Web Server with PHP

  • Linux Shell Scripts

This wiki contains the playing world documentation (information about NPCs, towns, mobs, etc) as well as developers/scripting documentation (for modifying and extending the game's mechanics).

Most of the scripting files (Denizen, PHP, and shell scripts) are available on the QLD Minecraft GitHub page and can be downloaded and used by others in your own world. The world data files as described in this wiki, are however not available for download, due to their size.

Can I play on the QLD Minecraft server?

We allow anyone whom has a valid Queensland Public Library membership to access the QLD Minecraft server.

What do I need to play on the QLD Minecraft server?

  • You require a full, licensed copy of Minecraft for PC or Mac

  • Tablet users can connect to our Minecraft server, however, some features may not be available due to limitations with the tablet version of Minecraft

  • If you are under 18 years of age, you require parental consent with your registration

What is a QLD Minecraft developer?

QLD Minecraft is a community-driven Minecraft server. We have players that are known as QLD Minecraft developers, players with a special status that has the ability to change or write code, build new areas, modify quests, even the ability to generate an entire Netherworld!

There are 3 classes of QM Developers:

  • QM Artists: Create the world, generate new sub-worlds, forests, towns, and arenas

  • QM Coders: Develop new functions and features such as GUI menus, shop keepers and even enemies

  • QM Game-masters: Coordinate the gameplay, ensuring that the world is fair and balanced. They create quests, modify travel points, generally working with the Artists and Coders to make sure that everything connects together

What is the difference between a Season and a Build?

Seasons are a continuation of the QLD Minecraft storyline and typically include major changes to the world environment itself. A new season is released approximately every 90-120 days.

Builds are updates to the core system which includes bug fixes or improvements to the games mechanics. Sometimes a new build will include a minor change to a world, the addition/removal of NPCs, Mobs and/or items that maybe causing issues or was delayed in being release due to a technical issue.

Why is the server version behind the latest version of Minecraft?

The server is updated periodocally to the latest version of Minecraft after testing. Newer versions unfortunately do introduce bugs and new issues that need to be resolved. Making matters even more complex is because the QLD Minecraft server is a hybrid server (allowing Java and Bedrock players to co-exist), we need to ensure that the translation mechanics between the 2 types of clients work as fluid as possible.

Can you add [plugin/idea/mob/feature] onto the server?

Short answer: maybe. Send an email to ic@slq.qld.gov.au which your idea

Long answer: QLD Minecraft is used by a lot of people across Queensland for a variety of different reasons and any changes or features we add need to take this into account. We also need to ensure that the gameplay and mechanics work seemlessly across PC and Tablet players and that the game is fair and balanced for everyone.

We do encourage people to send us feedback and suggestions on the direction you would like to see QLD Minecraft take, however at times it may not be as simple as installing a new plugin or resource pack, we may need to recreate the feature from scratch in code to work across Java and Bedrock players, and to work correctly within the creative and survival regions, battle arenas and quest instances.