QLD Minecraft developers are a special tier of player that has the ability to modify the game by creating new towns or terrain, editing NPCs and quests, or coding new modules

Developers Mode

When you first log into QLD Minecraft, all players are set to a standard player with standard permissions. To change to developers mode, enter:


If you receive a message that you do not have permission to use this command, you will need to contact support.

Once in developers mode, your gamemode will change to creative and you may also receive debug messages within the game. To leave developers mode, simple enter /qm dev in the chat console again.

Not all Developers are equal

Some commands are only available for certain developers tiers or support staff. These include:

  • /qm motd

  • /qm promote|demote

  • /qm ban

If you try to use a command within developers mode, and receive a permission error, than your tier does not permit you to use it.